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Thank you all for your feedback it’s greatly appreciated.

Will support lower res device’s before the week’s end.

Adding more different targets.

Collision fix’s.

Fix slow down’s when multiple effects is on the screen.

Fix mute problems.


Thanks. I look forward to your feed back.

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Watching Panos introduce the Surface Pro 3, I felt like he was talking directly to me. I am one of those people that carry a Surface Pro and a Surface 2 every single day to work. The Surface Pro has become my main device for almost everything.


Power points

Visual Studio 2013 (App & Game Development)


Adobe After Effects

Sony Vegas Pro

Many others but wont list them all

But then why carry the Surface 2? Mainly for it’s battery life. When I have to attend a meeting my Surface 2 is my go to device. I can still check emails take notes, remote into other machines and not have to worry about the battery. Not to mention the Surface 2 supports connected stand by – For those that isn’t familiar with the term: You can listen to music and still be online while the device is in sleep mode.

It sounds like the Surface 3 will replace my Surface Pro and my Surface 2. June 20th is taking to long! Doing a quick search for Surface Pro 3 reviews appear’s to actually praise the device, although you still have the site’s that’s clearly stuck in some kind of distortion field. Regardless I will review the Surface Pro 3 based on what Panos claims the device to be – A replacement for your tablet and laptop.




Manufacturer Dell
Model name Venue 8 Pro
CPU type Intel Baytrail Z3740
CPU speed 1330 Mhz
Graphics Intel HD (Gen 7, Baytrail
OS Windows 8
Display Size 8.0″ 1280 X 800
Touch Technology Multi-touch
RAM 2048 MB
Flash 32 GB
Battery capacity 18 (Wh)
Weight 395gm / 13.9 oz.
Size (w/h/d mm) 216/130/9 mm
Size (w/h/d inches) 8.5/5.1/0.4
Physical Interfaces
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
SD slot (Micro)
USB (Micro)
Wireless Interfaces
802.11 a/b/g/n
BT 4.0
4G Option
Additional Specs and Accessories (can vary)
Camera 5.0MP Auto-Focus
Webcam 1.0Mp
Ambient light sensor
IPS / Wide-View Display
Intel Wireless Display

Starting price $299

As of right now there is no LTE Version!  I have the 32 gb version.

Seriously what more can you ask for!

This thing is a beast! Window’s 8.1 really shine on this device. I am an owner of an IPAD 4th gen, Surface RT a Nexus 7 and a Surface Pro.  My DV8P was purchased at Walmart in NJ roughly 45 mins away from home. Of course I called the store before I drove there and not surprised the women I spoke to didn’t even know what I was talking about.  She kept saying we have HP’s…….. By this time it was 8pm.

Before I go any further I should mention I did order the tablet & stylus from dell on the 18th. Days before I was always visiting the Tablet PC Review website for other forum members advice and thoughts on the product. Everyone like me was excited and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the newly announced device.

One person came on their and announced that he just purchased a DV8P. This person also created a new thread called Venue 8 Pro Owner’s Lounge.

There I started reading  to see how did he went about procuring the device and his thoughts on it. He was nice enough to provide pictures and detailed information about the tablet!

I’m here to give my thoughts and views on the tablet.

Let’s get this out the way now – It’s not a apple device so packaging is not sexy. But there is plastic protecting each part as you can see at the image below.



Tablet come’s with the following:

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet (Mine 32GB)

Quick Start Guide

Serial Key for Microsoft Office Suite(Home/Student Version) – Does not come with outlook!

Mini USB cable.

Charger(USB cable can plug into charger)

warranty /Safety Guide


This is the 32 gb version since Walmart did not have the 64 gb sku.

For those of you who already have Windows 8 or have installed the os will be presented with the familiar setup procedure:



As you can see by the screen the tablet is a fingerprint magnet but trust me when I tell you, You wont even notice it. This screen is beautiful!

Warning – if you purchased the 32 gb version you will have approximately 11gb of free space! With the tablet I purchased a 64 gb mini sd card just incase.



So be careful when installing applications. After about 3 games from the App Store I was already down to almost 2 gb this probably included the full suite of Microsoft Office 2013. (I removed the version it came with since I pay for office 365 I can install the Professional version for up to 5 computers).

I’m still trying to figure out how to install the store apps on to the SD card. The old ways with RT isn’t working!

The Dell Venue Pro is freaking light! Especially compared to the IPAD, both Surface and Nexus. The tablet is screaming thin just how thin see the pics below:





Pictures speak a thousand words doesn’t it!

The Dell venue pro has a nice back finish to it – This thing pretty much cannot slip through your fingers. Trust me when I tell you the material feels nice in the hands see pics:


See what I mean?

This tablet has 2 camera’s a 1.2 MEGA PIXEL in the front and a 5 MEGA PIXEL in the back. I took some sample pics using the back camera of the stylus it came with check it out.




Now as you can see their not the best pictures in the world but it will get the job done!

Now for the stylus…..

Stylus is the official dell version – This thing need a AAA battery to operate.

The Stylus does support hover mode – but it seems that input still registers without even touching the screen if that makes sense.

Well it’s not the worst but it’s far from the best!

Here’s a video of the stylus – Please keep in mind I’m using my cell phone to record the video so it might not look to good but you will see me trying to use the stylus while filming… And yes  I suck at it

Here you’ll see I’m demonstrating pressure sensitivity in Microsoft Fresh Paint.

So how fast is this little baby! Check out my next video! Multitasking is a breeze scrolling through menu’s listening to music watching HD movies (MKV videos run with no hiccups it’s just perfect) smooth jumping from the start menu to desktop mode back is also smooth. Just check out my video below.

Here’s a video of Stylus test with OneNote both desktop and store versions.

Now I’m still playing with this thing so I’ll post steam games and etc.

My Overall impression-

This is the best 8″ Windows 8 tablet – In my opinion the best tablet period. Why ? Well I have a full Windows 8 os at my disposal. Trust me for all of those saying well I don’t need a full OS while you maybe right just think about this – There will be a time when you will need to quickly edit something in Photoshop or add last minute touches in an excel sheet or add images in a Power point presentation or to ping a server or launch a command prompt look at a PST… I mean I can go on forever get what I’m saying?

It’s good to have a little bit extra sometimes.

For $300 you are getting a full functioning tablet! Small light & powerful!

What more can you ask for!

Before I forget the battery life is insane – Dell says you should get between 8- 10 hours, I’m seeing about 10 hours of battery life. Connected Stand by is supported so your tablet will play music while it’s off in your pocket with head phones on. It will be up today when mail comes in etc.

Windows 8 really shine on this device!

Here is my battery meter(PDF) for those who want to see what my daily usage is charge times and get a rough estimate of batter life overall – This is a built in feature in Windows 8 BTW…

Link to PDF FILE!26879&authkey=!ANDtDap4ycrDQEQ

I hope I have answered many of your questions if not feel free to msg me on here on Tablet Review Forums.

Thank you all.


I gotta say thanks to Monogame this is getting easier than I thought. I will post some changes that was made as well as some help tips.

Keep you posted.

Every now and then a developers do bing & google searches hoping to find some kind of review or just mentions of their games.

I’m happy to report that there are some reviews for my game! Please see below:


Review: Click Here

The fine folks over at Techulator were kind enough to a review on my game.

These kind’s of reviews are critical since their the only honest feedback you’ll get. Feedback will help you improve your future releases, gain ideas and help with updates.