Win $100 By Playing Cruise Control Either Free or Paid Version (For Windows Phone 7)

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

That’s right  Here’s how -

Download the Game from the Market Place or click this link -

The Contest starts on Thursday 2/ 9/2012 until Sunday 2/12/2012 11:59 PM

Monday The Winner Will Be Announced on the Much Respected Website

At that point if your name is called simply send an email to in this email just put the name you used for leader board and the first 5 digits of your Device ID.

How do you find your Device ID I made it easy for you. In the level select screen at the very bottom you will find that number.

Once I confirm it is you I will send you $100 via PayPal!

Now that you have the game – Here are the rules very simple!

This Contest is only for Stage 1 – Gems 4 Me!

Collect as much Gems as possible!

  • There are 3 ways for your score to be Uploaded to the Leader Boards
  • 1. If you miss a single Gem
  • 2. Each Round has 60 seconds. After a round if you haven’t missed a Single Gem your score is automatically submitted!
  • 3. An Object slams into your car. If score is high enough and you have not missed a Single Gem your score will be submitted

Here’s a tip – You will have to dodge objects or destroy them.

Destroy them by swiping finger in a Upward Position. Here’s the catch -

Each time you Destroy an Object you will lose 5 Gems. So you don’t want to destroy every Object you see. Use your Eye Coordination determine when to steer and when to destroy the object!

Use your N20 to get in the middle lane to destroy and Collect everything from either lane! Cool Huh! So what are you waiting for ?

Get the Top Score and Win $100!

The game is Designed so that if you miss a single Gem the, The Gem’s color will change to Purple!

What this also mean is No Gem after the first Miss is counted.

You have unlimited tries!

The Level Select Screen will Display the Top Score with Name from the Leader Boards.

You will also see your best Score.

If your Score is the Highest you name and score will be displayed on the LB BEST(Leader Board Best) fields as shown in the Screen shot!

  1. 1.Disclaimer – Anyone can participate For User names you have to use Either English letters, Numbers, symbols etc.
  2. The current game will crash if anything other than those characters are entered. I will not hesitate to remove your name from the leader board list.
  3. 2. There is a known bug where at times in the Level Select Screen – The LB Best Field might do this little glitch thing. Don’t worry about it. To see if your on top simply go to the Title Screen and Select Leader boards. If your on to you will see your name there!

Happy Playing!

Any questions please email me at

Check out the Screen shot!


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